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Vertical Field Indoor Vertical Farming

Real Technology for Real Impact

As one of the leading providers of nature-based solutions, we optimize our research and technology to transform the urban ecosystem.

Real Data-Based Technology:

Vertical Field’s remote-controlled farming technology enables decentralized, automated, and digitalized farm management and optimization capabilities.

With our advanced IoT-based management and control operating systems, embedded sensors and monitors, agronomic growing protocols, and controlled-environment agriculture technologies, crops receive precise and optimum conditions to grow and thrive hyper-efficiently, year-round.

Automated | Optimized | UX Friendly

  • Monitor and manage farm parameters and inputs such as: Climate, irrigation, fertilization, lighting
  • Check all vital information remotely and easily with a friendly UX-platform
  • Implement optimized agronomic protocols
  • Gather big data & integrate AI for:
    • Precision pollination
    • Identification and monitoring of plant growth rate
    • Diagnosis and treatment of plant diseases
  • Customizable & Plug and Play Options

Real Research:

Vertical Field is partaking in the first-of-its-kind research that brings together foremost experts and state-of-the-art resources and technologies to empirically explore the capacity of vertical growing systems.

We have partnered with several leading research institutions- in the largest known living walls experiment- to methodologically study and quantify the impacts and opportunities of smart vertical solutions (as they relate to and inform Nature Based Solutions (NBS)).

We are proud partners of this pioneering bi-national study led by Professor Itamar Lensky at Bar-Ilan University in Israel, conducted in conjunction with the University of Nanjing in China, and sponsored by the Israeli Ministry of Science and Technology and the Israel Science Foundation. The project aims to monitor the environmental, health and economic benefits (both direct and indirect) of living walls on the indoor and outdoor urban environment by using agricultural precision and other scientific methods.

The ultimate goal of the research is to produce an empirical database of living walls that can inform cities who want to reach Carbon Neutrality (Carbon Neutral Cities) as well as other economic and health models for large-scale sustainable development initiatives worldwide.

We strive to deliver and pave the way for more science-based innovations that improve the health of our cities, the planet, and overall human wellbeing.