SANSA 2021

Innovation within the private sector plays a large role in overcoming many of the challenges our global society faces, which is why we are honored to take part in the second Annual Conference on Food Security, Sustainable Business, and Water in the Agricultural sector. This conference brings together leaders who are paving the way for a more food and water secure future and includes a special emphasis on the role of fruits and vegetables in increasing food security.

The second edition of the Annual Conference on Food Security, Sustainable Business and Water in the Agricultural sector will unite leaders in the private, public, and non-profit sectors to explore challenges and opportunities around global food security.

Vertical Field’s CEO Guy Elitzur will speak about the role of vertical farming and our unique geoponic solution as a method of improving access to healthy and fresh produce in bustling cities worldwide.

Date: June 9th , 2021

More details here: Sansa 2021 food security

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