Biofilters (also known as active living walls) use sensors to detect pollutants in the air. When pollutants are above healthy standards, the living wall reacts by increasing the plant’s ability to photosynthesize, and therefore increasing the plant’s ability to absorb more pollutants and carbon dioxide. Biofilters have been proven to absorb up to 2.3 kg of Co2 annually and produce approximately 1.7 kg of oxygen annually per square meter. Biofilters are ideal for indoor spaces.

Vertical Forest

Integrate the power and intelligence of trees and shrubs into your cityscape with our vertical forests. Using an intricate containment technology that enables small trees to thrive in a compact pot, you can fill your vertical space with these awe-inspiring plants that boast significant benefits both to health and the environment, such as air purification, absorption of CO2 emissions, reduction of the urban heat island effect, natural heating and cooling, biodiversity, and wellness-enhancement.

Green Roof

Commercial and residential rooftops can be greened by adding plant beds, shrubs, or lawns to an existing space, and boast vast economic, social, and environmental benefits. Greening a roof is a fantastic way to beautify a rooftop, create insulation, minimize the urban heat island effect, absorb air pollution and Co2 emissions, retain and recycle rainwater, prevent flooding, insulate sound, and more. Vertical Field offers both intensive and extensive green roof options.

Green Pillar

Green pillars are columns that hang or stand, and are planted with unique 'crawlers' that grow enthusiastically out of pockets. This design adds a naturally beautiful and biophilic experience to outdoor spaces as the cylinder shape and green finesse increase feelings of connectedness, groundedness, and calm to any space. Green pillars are irrigated using a water efficient mist-based aeroponic method. Plants that grow inside the pillars can clean the air, absorb co2 emissions, produce oxygen and much more.

vertical farming

Absorbs Co2 Emissions

Vertical Urban Farming Systems

Provides Natural Heating & Cooling

Reduces Stress & Increases Wellbeing

urban vertical farming

Reduces Toxins & Air Pollution

Urban Farming

Reduces Radiation

Vertical Farming System

Insulates Sound

(NBS) Nature Based Solution

Saves Energy

Outdoor Vertical Farming


Get real
with us!

Our nature-based solutions add an inspirational touch, upgrading any internal and external space into a haven of wellbeing.

Vertical Field’s patented technology has been developed from over 14 years of experience and is designed for maximum benefits and minimal maintenance.

  • Proprietary modular capsules
  • State-of-the art IOT system
  • Smart drainage for rot prevention
  • Root curl prevention & soil efficient design
  • Internal dual water reservoir & integrated front drip system
  • Integrated lighting & smart air purification system



We work with:

  • Municipalities
  • Institutions
  • Offices
  • Retail
  • Restaurants and much more to design a service and product that is customizable, fitting to the individualized needs of each client.

Whether you are a: 

  • Developer
  • Architect
  • Interior designer
  • City planner

We guide and support all of our clients from the planning stages through completion, including agronomic consulting, plant design, irrigation planning, and provide a long term maintenance protocol.




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